Thursday, December 17, 2015

It Has Been A Long Time Since My Last Post, so here we go...

This is about what happens when a Vegan decides that she will make a turkey for other family members and friends because there was a great deal on the turkey.

Mistakes Never to Repeat:

  1. Tell people you are going to make a turkey dinner
  2. Actually buy the turkey and now all the things you will need to make a turkey including pan, baster, brush, and thermometer (because you do not want a trip to the hospital)
  3. Do not ask for help, because how difficult can it be?
  4. Not have enough wine (for yourself) - this step could be repeated many times
  5. Plan the menu to make sure you have enough time to cook everything else
  6. Make sure there are additional batteries for the smoke detectors (ahh, I peaked your interest on that one.....)
Ok so Thanksgiving morning I did the taking out the turkey from refrigerator and took all the plastic and everything else out.  Basted and prepared like the many recipes stated.  Had already done some baking so oven was set, and the fun began.  Did my usual "darn, forgot something at the store, better go now.)

So the day progressed, dinner was to be at around 4PM because a couple had to work. Timing seemed to be going well, wine in hand was fine, table set, cats off the table, and it looked like it was going to be fine...I could do this, and then it happened.  It was time to pull the turkey out of the oven.  Oven mitt and pot holder ready and some of the oils and fat spilled into the oven and yes, a fire was started.  And it gets better, some apparently dripped on the floor and my significant other came running in when I said the oven was on fire, and he slipped on the floor.   Mind you he had ACL knee surgery several months ago, so not the best thing to do.  Smoke alarms were going off (that is why you keep extra batteries), place a bit smokey, and cats freaked out.

How did it end you wonder?  Well fire department did not have to be called, cats stopped freaking out, smoke alarms were finally quiet, dinner did not require hospitalization, and I remembered an important thing.
This is why Vegans do not try to cook turkey, and Christmas dinner, strictly vegan...

Have a great day and stop back....

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