Saturday, January 2, 2016

Excellent time for Blender Babes' Live Free Juice Detox!!!!

I am sure that we all overindulged a wee bit over the holidays, some more than others (nope not naming names).  So what could be better to get your system back in great shape?  Why I am so glad you asked.  Blender Babes' LIVE Free Juice Detox starting January 4th.

Blender Babes' LIVE Free Juice Detox
Blender Babes' LIVE Free Juice Detox!!
With their best detox and blender-friendly recipes, your body and mind will feel wonderful.  

These recipes are not just for detoxing! Shifting to a healthy lifestyle is about adding things in over time, and before you know it, processed food and junk will start to disappear on their own without much effort. You’ll start to lose your taste for that stuff because clean eating just feels so much better!

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